Established in 1989

Steve Pender founded Pender & Associates in 1989, and established an independent ICT Managed Services Provider and Project Management Consultancy based in Durban, South Africa.  

We offer Project Management, Engineering, Supply, Deployment and Remote Support of computers and networks.  Our clients range from State Owned Enterprises to Large Corporates to Small Businesses and Private Individuals. We are passionate about cyber security, and strive to keep abreast of new and emerging ICT technologies and cyber threats.  We provide bespoke cyber security services and remote ICT support mainly in South Africa, the UK, Italy and the USA, but are able to support you wherever you are.

We would very much like to provide you with the Network, Cyber Security Protection and ICT support to suit your requirements.

Our Cyber Security and End Point Detection & Response is based on the SentinelOne platform and we deploy remote agents to your Windows, Mac or Linux PCs or Servers, to provide a managed endpoint cyber security service to mitigate malware, ransomware and other Day Zero cyber-attacks.

To monitor and manage the health and integrity of your PCs and Servers, and to ensure that all software vulnerability patches are installed, we use a secure Remote Monitoring and Management platform. We offer ongoing monitoring, maintenance, management, reporting and support of PC’s, Servers and Laptops.
The solution comprises a policy-based software agent installed on each of the PCs to be serviced.  The Remote Monitoring & Management agents deployed on each of your Servers, PCs or Laptops provide:

  1. Proactive Monitoring of each PC (Daily & 24×7):
    • Antivirus Health Checks
    • Backup Status & Integrity Checks
    • Drive Space Checks
    • Physical Disk Health Checks
    • Failed Logins Checks
    • Critical Events Checks
    • Patch Status Checks
    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Health report
  2. “Patch Management” to monitor Microsoft and other 3rd party software updates to mitigate software vulnerability to cyber attacks.
  3. “Remote Support” facility to provide on-line desktop support using video, voice and desktop sharing.
  4. Optional – Cloud based automated Managed Backup & Restore services – 100GB Fair use policy with 2 backups per day and versions kept for 28 days
  5. Optional – “Web Protect” to warn the user against entering a potentially malicious web site

Our forte is keeping your data safe and your IT networks and systems up & running efficiently – no matter where you are or how you are connected.

We can quickly and safely deploy and remotely monitor and manage, the SentinelOne and Remote Management Agents on your office and remote workstations, so long as they have an internet connection.

Please contact us if you would like any further information or a demonstration of any of the above.

We look forward to working with you to support and protect your data and systems.

Steve Pender


To cost effectively, improve the performance, reliablity and security of our clients ICT systems.


To be the Managed Service Provider that is valued by its clients and admired by its peers.